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20th September – A jog nearly killed me!

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My day started with a jog around the park, Hans with a lie in! Then we left the house in a rush to view a flat in Leaderville, which wasn’t very nice, but the area was, so its on the list of maybe’s. After that we spent the day visiting Freemantle with Eve, which was fabulous.

We had breakfast at a restaurant in Leaderville before we left there, but that didn’t go too well; the service was terrible, so we wont be going back their again. We had a good walk around Freemantle, saw the market, bought a mug from a woman that makes them in her back garden, saw the sights, decided we love the place and added it to ‘the list’, and headed back via City Beach, which is also lovely and very much on ‘the list’.

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    19th September – A look around Perth

    September 19, 2009

    We were up late today, even though I had planned to go for a jog. It must be all of the driving catching up because we are both exhausted. We cleaned the caravan and the car, and then Eve took us into Perth for a look around. And again we are immensely impressed with the [...]

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    18th September 2009 – Gourmet shopping

    September 18, 2009

    Last night we had a lovely meal prepared by Eve, chatted to both Eve and John all night, and thoroughly enjoyed being out of the caravan. And we had a fabulous nights sleep too. We have decided to put the car and caravan up for sale and rent a house for a few months, whilst [...]

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